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ModScript is a tool and a scripting language for customizing mods. The idea is to create a standard approach suitable for any mod and make instructions asking users to copy or modify files a thing of the past. The concept is simple: ModScript automatically creates an interface for adjusting the features of your mod that you define and performs the actions that you tell it. ModScript will be available as a separate application to bundle with mods and also integrated into the Smart Mod Manager.

The current version is an alpha release. Getting feedback early will help to make ModScript better for real use. As a word of warning: when trying out ModScript, make sure you are not experimenting with the only copy of your most valuable mod.

Development timeline

The road to the stable release will go through three milestones, 2-3 weeks apart: alpha, beta, gold. Inbetween these, there will be many intermediate releases. Here is the optimistic schedule:
  1. May 22 — alpha: Major changes can be made.
  2. June 14 — beta: Mostly bug fixing and polishing remain. SMM 1.9 implements prerequisites for integration.
  3. June 28 — gold: Stable release. SMM 1.10 adds full support.

Update: SMM and ModScript development has been put on hold due to the community's lack of interest.

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